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Wah. Dah lama rupanya blog ini. Sejak saya berkecimpung dalam dunia Adsense dulu, blog ini pernah menjana PR6. Sekarang sudah 2019. Forum CariGold pun entah mana tenggelam. Dah lama tak login. Anak pun sudah 4 (alhamdulillah). Kehidupan sudah banyak berubah tapi NikShikin masih tetap di sini.

Till we meet again, in 2020. Hehe.
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[review] Carigold

Carigold (CG) is a forum once I was first participated in, followed with WC forum. It was (and is) wonderful to be there and communicate. There are different kind of forumers in there - brick and mortar businessmen, online internet marketer, and so-called 'guru' for EVERYthing. Before I forget, it also has a just plain time-wasters. :)

So what's it like to be there?

Hm, it's fun (sometimes hilarious). You'll be enjoying every single time you spend there, much like when you enjoy Facebook'ing. But, BEWARE. The forumers in CG forum have quite a sensitive sense of humor when it comes to politic's satire. If you are government supporter, be ready to be bombarded with uneasy words of unsatisfactory complaints from left movement party supporters.

In Malaysia, we have two major parts of politic's movement - namely as Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. It's up to you to say (post) almost about anything. We're a democracy country after all. But, don't…